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Australia’s Choice for Customised Solar Battery Charger Kits

Statronics provides effective and highly reliable solar power kits for remote applications. Select from a pre-assembled solar battery charger kit from our ready-to-go range or we can help you develop a customised solution to suit your specific requirements. The need for conduit, cables, and other necessary infrastructure required in grid power applications will be eliminated once these kits are installed.


  • Reliable power year round, weather permitting
  • Kits include a pre-wired weatherproof enclosure with circuitry protection
  • Built to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Pre-assembled, ready to install
  • Pre-installed short circuit and surge protection
  • Pole mounts included (pole not included)


  • Traffic monitoring
  • Wire tank/ well or river/ groundwater level monitoring
  • Weather stations
  • Telecommunications equipment/ signal repeaters

Case Study - Car Park Counting in Victoria

Statronics worked on a project in Victoria, which involved the count of vehicles entering a retail car park in Victoria. As the client is an outdoor retail centre, counting visitors to the centre was near impossible. We were able to provide a closer approximation of how many visitors frequented the centre. The road surface was cut in and an induction loop, which was wired to an enclosure, was installed. Inside the enclosure was a loop detector and data logger to record the vehicle traffic movements. The entire system relied on power from solar panels coupled with a rechargeable battery.

Case Study - Royal Botanic Gardens in NSW

In Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens, a dozen solar battery charger kits were installed by Statronics in 2014 to count the continuous pedestrians. The data at each entry and exit point of the Botanic Gardens is collected and transmitted 24/7 for reporting and analysis. Through the replacement of battery operated beam counters with our solar power supply, we have eliminated the need for weekly visits to replace the batteries in order to obtain data. Now the data is available readily and on a daily basis instead of monthly. This has significantly reduced labour costs as well as improved the reliability of the data.

For more information on the applications of solar battery charger kits in the Australian marketplace, contact us on 1300 307 608 or