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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between s-POWER and Statronics Power?

s-POWER is the online eCommerce power supply website for Statronics Power. s-POWER provides the end user direct access to all of Statronics Power’s products including other reputable Power Supply brands that Statronics supports such as Mean Well, ADEL System, TRI-M and POWERCOM to name a few. For all intents and purposes s-POWER is Statronics Power. They share the same ABN.

What kind of products can s-POWER supply?

Our website has a large variety of standard and custom made products including:

  • DC to DC Converter (Single, Dual, Triple Output)
  • DC to DC Power Inverter
  • AC to DC Linear (Single, Dual, Triple Output)
  • AC to DC Converter
  • AC to DC Switching (Single, Dual, Triple Output)
  • DC to DC Converter
  • Battery Charger Power Supply (12V and 24V)
  • LED Driver
  • Line Conditioners (Auto Voltage and Regulators)
  • PC-104 Power Supply Module (Single, Dual, Triple and Quad Output)
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) including AC UPS, DC UPS and Bus UPS
  • Decoupling Power Supply
  • Solar Kits

We also have many accessories on offer including battery holders, DIN rails, battery modules, DALI to PWM Converter, Desktop Power Adapters, Wallmount Power Adapters and Dimming Switches.

Our Engineers have been working with various Australian and International companies in the development of custom power supply designs for 30+ years. If you have specific requirements for your power supplies please contact us.

I cannot find the kind of product I am looking for. What do I do?

s-POWER lists almost all products it manufactures or distributes on its website. If you are unable to find a particular product that meets your requirement, s-POWER can source the product for you. Our Statronics team can also design power supplies to meet your specific requirements. Call us on 1300 760 699 or email us at with your enquiry. s-POWER are Australia’s Power Supply specialists and are able to resolve your power supply issues.

Does s-POWER stock Items on the shelf?

This will depend on the product. There are some products Statronics does not stock on the shelf. With these “special” products we build to order with rapid turn-around times. In some rare cases, there may be a delay due to long lead times for certain components.

Does s-POWER Statronics carry out repairs on its products?

Yes. Because of its reliability, Statronics offers a 5 year warranty on all products it has designed/manufactured. We carry out in-house repairs of all Statronics products, and in some cases we also repair products designed and manufactured elsewhere.

Do MOQs apply when ordering from s-POWER?

No. Minimum Order Quantities do not apply for ordering standard Statronics products. However, bigger size orders can benefit from reduced prices, depending on quantities. In some rare cases, MOQs may apply if the product ordered is a non-standard Statronics product version.

What happens if I need one of your products but it is not DIN rail mountable?

Not all s-POWER or Statronics products are DIN rail mountable. Some need a minor modification while others may need further modifications, in which case MOQs may apply. Contact us to discuss this on 1300 760 699 or email us at

s-POWER Currency?

All prices online are displayed in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. We know our power supplies are competitively priced and so we often obtain orders for our power supplies from international clients. Your shipping costs will be adjusted based on Australia Post shipping charges.