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AC to DC (Linear)


AC to DC Converters (Linear) Power Supply for Low Noise Applications

Linear regulators control either output voltage or current and dissipate the difference in electric power in the form of heat. Statronics has a wide range of AC to DC converters for use in low power electronic applications where noise can be an issue. Our 53 Series linear power supplies are a rugged, low-noise power supply solution for applications that can do without the high frequency radiation generated by switching power supplies.

These are available with outputs of 5, 12, 15, 24 and 48Vdc in single, dual (+/-) or triple output configurations, with features such as short-circuit protection and crowbar OVP.

Product Features - 53 Series Linear Power Supply

- Linear Power for 240 or 110V AC inputAC-DC Linear Power Supply
- Wide adjustment range
- Single, dual (+/-) and triple output models
- Enclosure packaging
- Short circuit, overvoltage and over temperature protection
- Low transients, ripple and noise
- Range of options and accessories
- 5 year warranty.

Product Applications - AC to DC (Linear)

Our clients use their AC-DC (Linear) power supplies in various locations and for various applications, here are some of them
- Battery charging
- Audio laboratories
- University science laboratories
- Environments where low power AC to DC conversion is required.

Our Top Advantages of AC to DC Converters (Linear):

  • 5 year warranty
  • Flexible power is continuously available up to 50W

Australia’s Trusted Suppliers

Statronics have established themselves as trusted Australian providers of a broad range of linear AC to DC power supplies. Since 1983, we have worked with a variety of markets including the medical, IT, solar, aerospace, telecommunications, industrial security, rail, transport, lighting and manufacturing industry. It is our commitment to the design, engineering and assembling of power supply, which has enabled us to offer solutions that are industry specific. Statronics is one of the remaining few companies in the world designing and manufacturing AC to DC Converters (Linear).

More Information

To find out more about our extensive AC to DC Converters (Linear) power supply product range, or to speak to a highly qualified power supply technician, please:

- Call the s-POWER Power Supplies team on 1300 307 608 +61 2 9477 5011

- Email

- submit and online enquiry via our Contact page

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